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Three powerful media projects to commemorate one year since March 15

Released at 2:12 pm on 9 August 2019

Ngarue ana te whenua, ngaoko ana te moana i te hingatanga mai o ngā tōtara haemata i te wao,  

arā, rātoukuatangohia e teringakaha o aitua.   

Nei ko te reo o mihi parinuiatuanakiteākau a aroha ki a rātoukuangarokite..  

No reiramai, moemai, moemai.  

No reira, tihei mauri orakitewhaiao, kiteaomārama.  


The ground shakes and the ocean stirs as the strong growing totara falls in the forest.  

Therefore we acknowledge those who were taken.  

Our thoughts flow on the tide to the cliffs of love and compassion for those lost to the night.  

May you rest in the eternal sleep.  

And now, we bring the life force back to the world of light.  

Three projects that will commemorate the one year anniversary of the March 15 terror attacks have been funded as the final initiatives from the RNZ/NZ On Air Joint Innovation Fund.

NZ On Air received 14 applications in response to a request for proposals issued in May, which sought media projects to mark the anniversary of the attacks, and honour the victims and their families.

The three projects were selected in consultation with a New Zealand Muslim community leader. Each project will be published on the RNZ website and complement RNZ’s ongoing coverage of the events and issues related to the attacks.

A podcast series with accompanying photography, The Widows Of Shaheed will journey alongside four women whose husbands were killed on March 15. From the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in August through to the impending first anniversary of the attacks, this series will chronicle the realities these women face as they adjust to life after March 15.

The Living Flowerwall is an interactive project that digitally renders Christchurch’s wall of flowers on Rolleston Ave that became a symbol of the city’s grief and unity in the days and weeks following the attacks. The online shared space will allow members of the public to add messages and virtual flower bouquets.

This Is Us is a series of six short films which will showcase the diversity of Muslim New Zealanders experiences as they answer the question “what do you love the most?” In talking about what they each love the most, the series will provide a platform for each person to represent who they are, how they feel, and how different or similar their journey has been to other Muslim New Zealanders.

“With almost five months having passed, it’s clear that the events of March 15 have had a profound and lasting effect on the nation and our people,” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

“The coming months will continue to be a tough journey for all directly and indirectly affected. NZ On Air is very pleased to support three projects that will, in a time of grief and reflection, create kōrero that shines a light on our similarities, differences and joint hope for the future,” she continued.

“RNZ continues to provide in-depth coverage of issues related to the Christchurch terror attacks of 15 March 2019 through our high-quality day to day and long form investigative journalism,” says RNZ Chief Executive Paul Thompson.

“We’re proud to support these independent content creators who are showcasing three very different projects. These powerful stories will provide deep insights from a wide range of perspectives as well as new opportunities for engagement and ongoing support from the wider New Zealand community.”

Funding details

The Living Flowerwall, 3D Immersive Site + 1 x 3 mins video, Vanishing Point Studio for RNZ, up to $121,200.

The Widows Of Shaheed, 8 x 30 mins, Plains FM 96.9 for RNZ, up to $99,361.

This Is Us, 6 x 2 mins videos + 6 x 2 mins audio, Ghazaleh Golbakhsh for RNZ, up to $60,000.