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682,700 New Zealanders tune in to RNZ

Released at 1:00 pm on 12 July 2018

Another standout radio survey confirms RNZ stations have significantly increased their audience, reaching and engaging with more New Zealanders in a healthy and thriving radio industry.

New nationwide *GfK Radio Audience Measurement figures relating to the 12-month period to 16 June 2018 have just been released. They show 682,700 New Zealanders, or 16% of the population (10+), are tuned in to an RNZ station in an average week. This is a 7% cume** increase from S1/2018.

Among all listening in New Zealand, RNZ National has a station share† of 11.5% and a cumulative audience of 606,300 listeners. RNZ Concert has a weekly cumulative audience of 178,500, or 4.2% of all people in New Zealand aged 10+.

  • Morning Report’s (6am-9am Mon-Fri) cumulative audience went from 424,400 in S1/2018 to 457,100 a week – an increase of 32,700
  • Nine to Noon’s (9am to Noon Mon-Fri) cume is their highest yet at 318,800 – up from 296,500 from S1/201 – an increase of 22,300
  • Afternoons’  (1pm-4pm Mon-Fri) cume increased by 32,100 listeners from S1/2018
  • The cume for Saturday Morning with Kim Hill (8am to midday, Saturday) went up by 26,900 listeners compared to S1/2018.

RNZ Head of Radio and Music, David Allan said RNZ National has experienced excellent growth in all its key programmes as well as right across its live radio schedule.

Over the same research period, 586,000 users†† accessed the RNZ website in an average week and more than 199,000 video streams took place on RNZ platforms. RNZ continues to increase its content sharing and now have around 25 partners including Fairfax, NZME, TVNZ, Pacific Media Centre, local newspapers, and start-up websites. Through these arrangements RNZ continues to grow and extend its reach and engagement to as many people as possible across multiple platforms.

The most recent RNZ audience research results can be found here:

*Source: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, All Radio Stations, Total New Zealand - RNZ – S2/2018, All 10+, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn, Cume (‘000’s) unless otherwise stated. Any comparisons made are done with GfK Survey 1, 2018.

**Cume: Is the number of different listeners to a station over a week

†Station share: is the percentage of all radio listening that is done to a station over a week; it takes into account the number of people listening and how long they listen. (Station shares cannot be compared with Total NZ – Commercial Survey results, as the commercial share figures are based on commercial radio stations only, whereas the shares reported here are based on listening to all radio stations.)

††Google Analytics for RNZ user metrics- average weekly users on RNZ website across survey period.

Video Streams: Youtube (RNZ) and Facebook (RNZ and Checkpoint) average weekly video streams across survey period.