9 Dec 2023

Tagata O te Moana for 9 December 2023

From Tagata o te Moana, 6:06 am on 9 December 2023

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Station & Time IN: CONCH & Drumming (0:05) (First words 'Talofa lava' at 0:06 ) OUT: .. . . .. DRUMMING (0:16) DUR: .....29 mins .....50 secs (last words 'Tofa soifua' at 29:40..... ) Tagata o te Moana plays just before half past five every Saturday afternoon here on RNZ National. BRIEF TRAIL: Tagata (pron Tangata) O Te Moana... with news and issues from the Pacific region. Coming up first Samoa's health boss says media reports on Covid border restrictions are incorrect Also Frustrations over USP's vice chancellor leads to staff protests And later We meet the music group that's preserving Te reo Maori