27 Jul 2019

Tagata o Te Moana for 27 July 2019

From Tagata o te Moana, 8:00 am on 27 July 2019

A health advocate in Fiji says something desperately needs to be done to combat diabetes with almost 1700 people dying annually from the disease; an Australian MP has called on his government to accept New Zealand's offer and end indefinite offshore detention; protests demanding a halt to the construction of a giant telescope on Hawaii's tallest mountain show no sign of abating; amid financial woes, New Caledonia's SLN secures reprieve; reconciliation discussions that have taken the best part of a week in Arawa and Panguna in Bougainville have reached a series of momentous decisions; swimming with the whales tourism in northern Tonga is disturbing the natural behaviour of nursing Humpbacks who are there to give birth, bond and nurse; The Cook Islands deputy prime minister says the government has every intention of speaking more with the people of Rarotonga about how to purify the island's water; one of the Pacific's most successful musicians Daniel Rae Costello Junior has died following a long battle with cancer.