2 Feb 2019

Tagata o te Moana for 2 February 2019

From Tagata o te Moana, 7:00 am on 2 February 2019

A businessman in Fiji, Rajneel Singh, is taking legal action to force the police to prosecute those responsible for his assault; doctors in Papua New Guinea have reacted angrily to the health minister's insistence that there's no crisis in the health system; aid workers based in Vanuatu fear a disaster if a cyclone struck people already displaced by Ambae's volcanic eruptions; the Free West Papua Movement, or OPM, has called for international action on the conflict in Indonesian-ruled Papua at a rare press conference in neighbouring Papua New Guinea: Pacific church leaders have given their support to Fiji's Catholic Church in a row with the government over the appointment of school principals: the Commonwealth has launched a series of schemes to help its members deal with the challenges they face in their oceans; a war of words has emerged between a Samoan MP and China's ambassador to Samoa over the flying of Chinese flags in the country: Manus Island refugee Behrouz Boochani wants readers of his award winning book to learn how Australia is systematically torturing people offshore. Fiji Football is investigating claims a group of players were assaulted by national coach Christophe Gamel.