27 Aug 2016

Tagata o te Moana for 27 August 2016

From Tagata o te Moana, 7:10 am on 27 August 2016

People on Fiji's devastated Koro Island are foraging for wild food, milling their own timber and sewing fishing nets out of vines to survive six months after Cyclone Winston; There's a tone of reconciliation in Papua New Guinea as the academic year resumes after disruptions at the country's three main universities; New Zealand and Australia have been urged to come up with a joint plan to deal with asylum seekers without putting them through detention at a protest in Wellington; Incentives for Pacific doctors and strategies for tackling health issues have been workshopped in New Zealand this week; The Papua New Guinea government's 2016 PNG Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook shows a collapse in revenue for a second consecutive year; A businessman in the Cook Islands is planning a small hydro electricity operation to satisfy some of Rarotonga's night time power needs; An American is trying to help troubled youths in Tonga with getting them into skateboarding; DNA experts are to investigate a collection of 18th century pigtails believed to be from the Bounty mutineers who settled Pitcairn Island in the late 1700s.