7 May 2021

Fiji redeploying health resources to support the west

From Pacific Waves, 6:01 am on 7 May 2021

Health authorities in Fiji are redploying resources from the central and northern divisions of the main island Viti Levu to the western division which is being called the frontline of the country's 'war' with Covid-19.

The country recorded its first covid death in the community on Wednesday night at the Lautoka hospital which was closed off by the military and police after two local doctors who had come in contact with the deceased tested positive for the virus.

Our correspondent Lice Movono joins me now from Fiji, Bula Lice so things look like they are escalating Lice is that the case?

Covid-19 screening and testing underway in  Fiji.

Covid-19 screening and testing underway in Fiji. Photo: Facebook/Fiji govt