15 May 2024

Curfew enforced in Noumea as tensions persist

From , 6:02 am on 15 May 2024
Burnt van and tyres at one roadblock near Nouméa’ Magenta industrial zone

The president of New Caledonia is calling for calm and a return to normalcy amid ongoing public unrest in and around the capital Noumea. Photo: La 1ère

It stemmed from political protests staged across the territory on Monday against France's proposed constitutional changes to electoral laws which would enable 25,000 more non-indigenous French citizens to vote in local elections.

This escalated overnight in Noumea with protestors blocking roads and clashing with police and setting alight buildings and cars throughout the city.

Dozens of arrests have been made by police with hundreds more officers from France due to arrive into the territory to help disperse pockets of protestors still blocking roads and lighting fires across the city. 

In a statement today Louis Mapou called on all pro and anti-independence political parties in Noumea to restart dialogue and work together to restore peace and law and order.

A spokesperson for international relations in the president's office Charles Wea spoke with RNZ Pacific Editor Koroi Hawkins about the situation on the ground.