10 May 2024

Project maps biodiversity of the Pacific

From , 6:01 am on 10 May 2024
Tara Pacific expedition, November 2017. Inglis Shoal seamount, Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, Marine life on a partly bleached reef crest. Fusiliers and other reef fish.

Photo: AFP / Christoph Gerigk / Biosphoto

A new project aims to close the existing gap on Pacific Ocean data.

New Zealand Geographic and the Cawthron Institute have launched Citizens of the Sea, aiming to map the health and biodiversity of the Pacific at a larger scale than before.

The project partners with sailors who gather the data and return it for analysis.

A flotilla of boats was set to leave New Zealand's Bay of Islands on Thursday for the Pacific Rally, with the science tools on board. 

RNZ Pacific's Christina Persico spoke with Xavier Pochon who is part of Cawthron Institute's Biosecurity group.