9 May 2024

Pacific health expert criticises Coca-Cola sponsorship

From , 6:01 am on 9 May 2024

We now move onto part two of an ongoing series investigating the influence of global food brands in the Pacific Islands.

A Pacific health expert says it's unacceptable for food giant Coca-Cola to still be sponsoring children's sporting events like The Fiji Finals known by Fijian households as the Cocacola Games.

The Director of Fiji's biggest sporting event has promised to drop the name and branding of it's sponsor Coca-Cola for next years' 50th anniversary if they can find a new sponser.

But, Pacific Health expert Sir Collin Tukuitonga says it's unacceptable for Coca-Cola to still be sponsoring the games.

Dr Collin Tukuitonga.

Dr Collin Tukuitonga. Photo: RNZ / Screenshot