3 Feb 2024

Rabi Islanders happy with visitor sign in requirement - lawyer

From , 6:01 am on 3 February 2024
Iakoba Karutake

Iakoba Karutake Photo: Fiji Sun

A Fiji lawyer, who is from Rabi Island, says an announcement by the administrator that visitors to the island need to inform the police of their presence is nothing new.

Jacob Lanyon says the administrator, Iakoba Karutake, is sitting in place of the Council of Leaders and this requirement that visitors inform the authorities is a longstanding one.

The Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network claims their human rights are being violated by the policy announcement and wants the Fiji Governrment to investigate.

Mr Lanyon spoke with RNZ Pacific's Don Wiseman who began by asking whether the Council of Leaders should be reinstated.