8 Dec 2023

Journalism in the Pacific is crucial says PNG minister

From , 6:01 am on 8 December 2023
Pacific media freedom.

Pacific media freedom. Photo: Copyright: joearnonmung

Papua New Guinea's Communication Minister Timothy Masiu, a former journalist himself says the job of being a journalist is pivotal.

He told a journalism conference in Fiji last month that "in a region as rich and diverse as our Pacific, where cultures, languages, and perspectives converge, the role of journalism becomes even more crucial."

Mr Masiu went on to say "the stories told by our journalists contribute to the tapestry of our shared experiences, providing insight, fostering understanding, and building bridges across the vast expanse of our Pacific nations."

But his government is in the process of trying to rein in its journalists - and the promise of restrictions has raised the ire of the sector throughout this year.

The president of the PNG Media Council is Neville Choi and he told RNZ Pacific's Don Wiseman what is driving the government's legislative push and how it might impact journalists.