13 Apr 2021

First Fijian woman to play pro football hopes it opens doors

From , 6:00 am on 13 April 2021

Fiji's first professional woman footballer is hoping her pathway will open doors for more of her countrywomen.

19 year old Trina Davis is reportedly the first woman from Fiji to be sign an international football contract, now playing in Israel for ASA Tel Aviv University SC.

The US-born Fiji international is used to raising eyebrows, making her international debut as a 16 year old.

RNZ Pacific sports journalist Vinnie Wylie has been following her career and joins me now.

So you talked with Trina Davis Vinnie what did she have to say about her journey so far?

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Trina Davis scored twice for Fiji.

Trina Davis scored twice for Fiji. Photo: OFC via Phototek