8 Apr 2021

Activists confront deep-sea miners in Clarion Clipperton Zone

From , 6:01 am on 8 April 2021

Activists onboard the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior have confronted a vessel used by a deep-sea mining company in the Pacific ocean.

DeepGreen is one of the companies spearheading the push to mine the Pacific Ocean for minerals.

This is despite scientists repeatedly warning against it because there isn't enough known about the deep ocean to fully understand the environmental impacts of mining there.

A team of activists onboard the Rainbow Warrior on Tuesday confronted a vessel used by DeepGreen in the Clarion Clipperton Zone.

Among them was Victor Pickering, a Fijian activist, who unveiled a banner reading: "Our Pacific, not yours to destroy."

I spoke with him via zoom onboard the Rainbow Warrior. Bula Victor so where are you right now?

Polymetallic nodules  Pacific ocean

Polymetallic nodules Pacific ocean Photo: Velizar Gordeev. All rights reserved.