1 Apr 2021

Fijian-Indians challenge NZ govt over ethnic classification

From , 6:01 am on 1 April 2021

Fijian-Indians living in New Zealand are opposing moves by the government to classify them as Asians and not Pacific Islanders.

StatsNZ's 2018 Census shows just over 15,000 people identified with the Fijian-Indian ethnic group - an increase of about 5,000 from the 2013 count.

The latest data also shows that about 21,000 Fijians live in NZ. This includes the indigenous iTaukei and Rotumans and they come under the Pacific category.

The Fiji Girmit Foundation of New Zealand says the government's classification of Fijian-Indians as Asians and not Pasifika is 'wrong and must be corrected'.

Christine Rovoi reports.

Fiji flag

Fiji flag Photo: RNZ