17 Mar 2021

Banaba community seeking permanent solution to water crisis

From , 6:01 am on 17 March 2021

The people of Banaba have had enough.

The tiny island, decimated by 80 years of phosphate mining, is in the middle of a months long drought, and with the failure of desalination units, the people had been left without water.

Those immediate water issues are being solved - a vessel chartered by Kiribati, assisted by New Zealand, arrived at the weekend.

But the islanders want a permanent solution to a chronic problem.

Just how did Banaba, which is also known as Ocean Island, get to this point?

Don Wiseman, who has been in communicating with members of the Banaba community, joins us to explain.

Banaba is suffering from a drought

Banaba is suffering from a drought Photo: supplied