18 Dec 2020

Chinese project poised to shake up Daru's fisheries scene

From , 5:01 am on 18 December 2020

A planned Chinese industrial fishing development on Papua New Guinea's southern border garnered the keen attention of Australian media this month.

China's Fujian Zhonghong Fishery Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with PNG's government to build a US$154 million fishery industrial park off Daru.

With Daru only 200 kilometres from Australia's mainland and even closer to the Torres Strait islands, Canberra's strategists are nervous about the possibility of China establishing a port there.

But what do local people in Daru make of it all?

Johnny Blades reports on the local response.

View with a shallow depth of field of the deck of a fishing vessel: boxes with a fresh fish yield of tuna, the yellow rope and simple drag anchor, ocean water with bokeh overboard

Photo: 123RF