2 Dec 2020

Pasifika victims of abuse to seek Royal Commission of Inquiry

From , 5:03 am on 2 December 2020

An abuse survivor is calling for Pacific people in New Zealand who have been abused in care to go to the Royal Commission of Inquiry for guidance and support.

Frances Tagaloa spoke at a hearing in Auckland this week about the sexual and emotional abuse she experienced in the Catholic church in the 1970s.

The abuser was part of the Marist Brothers and to this day Mrs Tagaloa hasn't received a formal apology from the institution.

She's adamant from her experience of addressing her case, that the best way is through an independent body such as the Royal Commission.

Sela Jane Hopgood reports, and a warning, this story begins with distressing details of her sexual abuse.

Moeapulu Frances and Timo Tagaloa

Moeapulu Frances and Timo Tagaloa Photo: RNZ Pacific / Sela Jane Hopgood