19 Nov 2020

Nauru refugees corralled on 71st floor of Brisbane hotel

From , 5:00 am on 19 November 2020

A refugee advocate in Australia is mystified at the treatment meted out by Australia's Border Force to a group of ten refugees and asylum seekers from Nauru.

They are part of the many hundreds of people sent to Australia's controversial off island detention centres for asylum seekers trying to arrive in the country by boat.   

The group was flown to Darwin in September ostensibly for medical treatment, which the Refugee Action coalition's Ian Rintoul says has not yet been provided.

Attempts by RNZ Pacific to have Australia's Border Force explain what is going on have so far been ignored.

Ian Rintoul says, at the weekend, the group was suddenly moved to Brisbane and he told Don Wiseman about the conditions they now find themselves facing.