1 Sep 2020

An historic and controversial visit to Palau

From , 6:02 am on 1 September 2020

It was a whirlwind visit -- only five hours -- but a key US government figure's visit to Palau has been described as historic, and also controversial. 

US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper touched down in Covid-free Palau on Friday, where he met with Palau's President Tommy Remengesau. 

The visit comes as the US gets jittery about China's presence in the Pacific. 

But for Palau, it comes at a time when it's renegotiating its Compact of Free Association Agreement with Washington. Which could mean more money for Palau. 

Jamie Tahana spoke to our correspondent in Palau, Bernadette Carreon.

US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper

US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper Photo: AFP