18 Jun 2020

Solomons police probe amid Malaita stoush with Honiara

From , 5:01 am on 18 June 2020

Police in Solomon Islands are investigating the Malaita Provincial government for allegedly seditious conduct in an ongoing saga over the country's diplomatic switch from Taiwan to China.

Last year the Solomons' 36 year-long bilateral relationship with Taipei came to an end as Honiara established ties with Beijing.

But the premier of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani, has remained staunchly pro-Taiwan, much to the annoyance of the national government.

Last week police seized a shipment of medical equipment from Taiwan bound for Malaita to help with its Covid-19 preparedness.

Koroi Hawkins has been following the story.

Solomon Islands and China flags together

Photo: 123RF