7 Feb 2020

Thousands sue PNG miner for environmental damage

From , 5:04 am on 7 February 2020

More than 7000 people from the Papua New Guinea province of Madang are suing a mining company for US$5.3 billion in damages.  

Last year, 200,000 litres of toxic slurry spilled into the ocean from the Basamuk nickel refinery, turning the sea red and killing marine life. 

But the plaintiffs - who include villagers, scientists, chiefs and the provincial government - claim the company, Ramu Nico, had been causing environmental damage for years. 

The lawyer leading the suit, Ben Lomai, says the plaintiffs want the court to declare Ramu Nico a public nuisance, and that it acted negligently. 

He told Jamie Tahana that the plaintiffs believe the company knew it was causing damage. 

Basamuk Bay

Basamuk Bay Photo: Facebook/ Elisha Wesley Mizeu