29 Jan 2020

PNG official challenged over defence of Bomana facility

From , 5:04 am on 29 January 2020

A refugee advocate says it's ludicrous for a Papua New Guinea official to deny refugees were tortured in the Bomana detention centre.

The last of the 50 asylum seekers held there were released last week, amid strong criticism from welfare groups about the torture and deprivation they had faced.

The acting Chief Migration Officer, Robert Bara Kennedy, is reported by Loop PNG, denying any ill-treatment and saying it's a state of the art facility.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman, Ian Rintoul, says this is nonsense.

He spoke with Don Wiseman and began by describing what the last 18 people had to comply with in order to be released.

Bomana Correctional Facility, Papua New Guinea

Bomana Correctional Facility, Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades