6 Dec 2019

Mass shutdown in Samoa underway for measles vaccination

From , 5:04 am on 6 December 2019

A national shutdown has been under way in Samoa so as to achieve the best possible reach with the government's mass immunisation programme.

People were told to stay at home on Thursday and Friday between the hours of 7am and 5pm and roads were closed to non-essential services as medical teams travelled around the country vaccinating the young and old in their homes.

The unimmunised were told to leave something red outside their homes so that medical teams would know if they needed a measles jab.

Alex Perrottet is in Samoa and he tells me it's like a ghost town.

Unprecedented state-of-emergency orders came into into force in Samoa on Thursday in a major push to get everyone immunised against measles.A government shutdown and travel ban is in place to allow mobile medical teams to visit people in need of vaccinations at their homes.

Photo: Government of Samoa / Facebook