24 Oct 2019

Changing nature of foreign aid - what NGOs need to know

From , 5:00 am on 24 October 2019

The nature of how foreign aid is given is changing and non-government organisations (NGOs)  in New Zealand have been hearing what they need to do to adjust to the new environment.

This week the Council for International Development, the umbrella organisation representing New Zealand's NGOs, held its annual conference and changes in the foreign aid sector were front and centre in their discussions.

The trends towards an inward looking parochialism have been a key to changing the environment, and even in New Zealand there is less public backing, and understanding, of foreign aid.

One of the speakers at the conference was Jean-Pierre Verbiest, who has been at the Asia Development Bank and is now senior adviser to the Mekong Institute, an organisation focussed on regional co-operation.

He spoke with Don Wiseman.

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