15 Oct 2019

Mums form group to combat rise of drugs in Fiji

From , 5:03 am on 15 October 2019

A dangerous drug known as Flakka is threatening the streets of Fiji, and a group of local mums has vowed to fight the drug epidemic in the country to protect their children.

The president of the Ministry of Mums (MOM), Ellana Kalounisiga, says police announced last week that flakka, or the "zombie drug", is the new threat in Fiji, and methamphetamine is also on the rise.

The group has about 180 members, who help raise awareness and reduce the demand for hard drugs in schools.

Ms Kalounisiga is a former law enforcement agent in Australia and says MOM is committed to fighting the war on drugs head-on.

Members of the Fiji Ministry of Moms (MOMS).

Members of the Fiji Ministry of Moms (MOMS). Photo: MOM/Facebook