10 Oct 2019

Solomons research helps understand mosquito-borne disease

From , 6:01 am on 10 October 2019

Medical researchers in Solomon Islands have shown previous cases of dengue, zika, chikungunya and ross river virus were not diagnosed at the time.

The work was undertaken by graduate student Humpress Harrington and David MacLaren from James Cook University in East Kwaio villages.

They worked together with Atoifi Hospital.    

The researchers also discovered that a mosquito often responsible for spreading the viruses, Aedes Albopictus, is new to this part of the Solomons.

Don Wiseman spoke to Mr Harrington about his research.

Researchers have recently discovered the Zika virus in a second mosquito species known as the "Asian Tiger" mosquito, (formally named Aedes albopictus). The species stretches much further north into the United States than the previously known Zika carrying Aedes aegypti species.

A mosquito species known as the "Asian Tiger" mosquito (formally named Aedes albopictus). Photo: AFP