17 Sep 2019

Need in PNG for clear controls on seabed mining - Amet

From , 5:02 am on 17 September 2019

Former governor of the Papua New Guinea province of Madang, Sir Arnold Amet, wants the government to apply strict controls to any future prospects of seabed mining. The James Marape government is backing the Pacific call for a ten year moratorium on seabed mining, but Sir Arnold says it needs to go further.

This comes as Canadian company Nautilus, in which the PNG government has a 15 percent stake, is fighting through the courts for its economic survival. Nautilus had been close to beginning operations at its Solwara One site in PNG's Bismarck Sea.

Sir Arnold told Don Wiseman he wants the government to draw up policies to properly govern the sector, and to cancel and withdraw the Nautilus contracts to ensure they can not be onsold.

Seabed mining

Seabed mining Photo: Supplied