16 Sep 2019

Web of Pacific doctors advance gut health in region

From , 5:02 am on 16 September 2019

In Adelaide medical specialists recently heard about the work of gut doctors providing free consultation and education in the Pacific via instant messaging and telemedicine.

The director of the Australia and New Zealand Gastroenterology International Training Association says the group has given pro bono help to clinicians in the region for ten years, training them in digestive health and liver disease.

Dr Chris Hair is based in Geelong and works with Fiji's National University teaching staff endoscopy skills, helping both surgeons and physicians.

He says the new advances deal with both emergencies like stomach ulcers and swallowed objects as well as chronic issues like cancer and hepatitis.

Dr Hair told Jenny Meyer the new skills and connections are saving lives by guiding doctors who often struggled alone to care for thousands of people.

Dr Chris Hair (left)

Dr Chris Hair (left) Photo: Twitter/ @Dr_chrishair