16 Aug 2019

Dateline Pacific for 16 August 2019

From , 3:06 pm on 16 August 2019

The Pacific Islands Forum summit ended in confusion last night, with disagreement over the strength of commitments to combating climate change. The day-long leaders' retreat again highlighted the chasm between Australia and the region on climate, as 18 leaders met on one of the most vulnerable places in the world; Australia's Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs says Prime Minister Morrison is undermining vital relationships and trust in the Pacific; an expert in Pacific arts and culture says climate and ocean science needs to be better translated into easily consumed language so that it can more effectively inform critical decision making; Former Fijian prime minister and trade unionist Mahendra Chaudhry says the United Nations and the international community are dishonest or too weak to help the people of Fiji; former NZ Black Fern joins mayoralty race in Porirua.