24 Jul 2019

Groundswell for change in Nauru poll: Batsiua

From , 3:02 pm on 24 July 2019

A former Nauru cabinet minister says the rule of law and democracy have been eroded over the past six years by the Waqa/Adeang government.

Nauru goes to the polls in a month and Mathew Batsiua, who was Justice Minister three governments ago, was suspended from parliament in 2015 when protesting against the actions of the government.

He is part of the so called 'Nauru 19', which has been facing legal action from the state since that protest.

However Mr Batsiua is keen to return to parliament and he told Don Wiseman there is a groundswell on the island for change.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua. Photo: Supplied