19 Jul 2019

Dateline Pacific for 19 July 2019

From , 3:06 pm on 19 July 2019

The United Nations in Papua New Guinea says it is pinning a lot of hope on the country's new leadership to appoint more judges and police after the killing of 24 people in Hela Province recently; the Marshall Islands fisheries department wants the country to earn much more from the Pacific's multi-billion dollar commercial tuna fishery; the city clerk in the Solomon Islands capital says squatters in the National Botanical Gardens are putting its ecology and Honiara's water supply at risk: a kava bar in Auckland's downtown is hoping to win hearts and minds over the drink, especially among Pakeha; more than 40 years after the infamous dawn raids on Pacific islanders, those who were there are being asked to tell their story for a new generation hungry to know.