18 Apr 2019

Economist says PNG growth spurt down to quake bounce

From , 3:04 pm on 18 April 2019

While the Asian Development Bank (ADB) sees an economic upturn on the way in Papua New Guinea, a veteran economist has a different view.

The ADB says growth is set to hit 3.7 percent this year on the back of a surge in returns from the resource sector.

The bank also says foreign exchange is now more available, while a newly signed LNG project promises a boost in foreign investment.

But Paul Flanagan, who has been writing about the PNG economy for 40 years, says the state of the economy is not too rosy.

He told Don Wiseman that the apparent growth lift is simply down to an economic bounce following the devastating earthquake in 2018.

Economist Paul Flanagan

Economist Paul Flanagan Photo: ANU