15 Apr 2019

Dateline Pacific for 15 April 2019

From , 4:06 am on 15 April 2019

An Australian academic and environmental management expert says the oil spill in Rennell was not just an accident but an inevitable outcome of a broken system; the International Organisation for Migration has launched a three year regional project in Fiji to help Pacific governments address climate and disaster-related displacement; well known New Zealand journalist, Jonathan Milne, is about to take a different path.; the Falling Walls Lab in Berlin is an international forum to encourage promising scientists and entrepreneurs from all fields to push for break throughs and Pacific thinkers are invited to apply, and; Pacific women authors and their challenges are being recognised by the Commonwealth. Last year, Samoan human rights activist Jenny Bennett-Tuioneta won the short story prize. This year, Cook Islander Maria Samuela has been shortlisted for the award.