3 Apr 2019

Catholic bishops lambast failing PNG Govt

From , 4:02 pm on 3 April 2019

The Catholic bishops of Papua New Guinea  have lambasted the O'Neill Government for a series of failures, including corruption and the failure to end the controversial Special Agricultural Business Leases.

The bishops in a statement say the SABLs  continue to destroy the environment and livelihood of thousands of Papua New Guineans.

The church is a key provider of education and health services in PNG, supposedly working alongside the government.

But the chairman of the Bishops's Conference, New Irelands Bishop Rochus Tatamai, says the services are increasingly interferred with by politicians and officials.

He says despite a success in its first year, the government's fee free tuition scheme is failing, with many schools denied funds and materials.

Bishop Tatamai told Don Wiseman the situation is health is no better.

Papua New Guinea 's national parliament in Waigani.

Papua New Guinea 's national parliament in Waigani. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades