2 Apr 2019

Fiji renews commitment to peacekeeping, but concerns linger

From , 4:03 pm on 2 April 2019

Fiji has told a UN meeting that it's committed to improving the security of peacekeepers serving overseas.

But it comes amid ongoing concerns over the conduct of Fiji's peacekeepers, which see hundreds deployed to UN missions each year.

Mackenzie Smith reports.

A Fijian UN peacekeeper looks through binoculars at an Israeli post from the Al-Labbouneh hill near Naqoura on the Mediterranean coast 30 July 2000 where fifty Fijian troops took up position.

Fijian UN Peacekeepers have served all over the world. Here, one of fifty Fijian troops posted on the Mediterranean coast looks through binoculars at an Israeli post. Photo: AFP/Ramzi Haidar