20 Feb 2019

Dateline Pacific evening edition for 20 February 2019

From , 4:05 pm on 20 February 2019

A refugee advocate says new laws restricting medical transfers off the island are putting refugee lives at risk; Papua New Guinea's most wanted criminal Tommy Baker has been urged to hand himself in by the country's police chief. For months, police have been unable to capture notorious prison escapee Tommy Baker who along with his gang is linked to a string of armed robberies, piracy and murder in Milne Bay province; Vanuatu is looking at alternatives to plastic baby nappies which are clogging the country's landfills. This follows a study by overseas litter experts who've looked at what sort of rubbish Vanuatu produces and come up with solutions specific for the country; Anti-violence campaigners in Tonga get lessons from Fiji, and; We take a look at the Pacific's hunger for renewable energy.