24 Sep 2018

Futuna stance on seabed mining welcomed

From , 3:04 pm on 24 September 2018

A decision by traditional leaders in Wallis and Futuna to reject work related to seabed mining has been welcomed by a regional body of non-government groups.

Five years ago, an advisory council urged the French government to secure resources in the seabed off its overseas territories.

French scientists visited Wallis and Futuna and looked at the possibility of underwater mining.

But earlier this month the kingdoms of Futuna ruled out allowing any further exploration of the seabed in their waters.
The Pacific Islands Association of NGOs ,or PIANGO, says it stands with community and church groups around the region who call for a ban on seabed mining.

PIANGO director Emele Duituturaga told Koro Vaka'uta the Futuna stance is good to see.

Mining for copper under the sea

Mining for copper under the sea Photo: Nautilus Minerals