20 Sep 2018

Papuan vaccination shortfalls linked to government failure

From , 3:04 pm on 20 September 2018

An academic has linked a lack of vaccination among West Papuan communities to the failure of Indonesia's health workers to do their job.

Recently Indonesian media have reported that Papuan parents in at least one region are refusing to let their children be immunised, as government rolls out a vaccine programme in schools.

Parents have been described as fearing that measles-rubella and polio vaccinations will cause disabilities or illnesses.

But Eben Kirksey, an anthropologist at Australia's Deakin University, says his observations from his latest visit to Papua tell a different story on the lack of immunisation.

House in Mee Pago, Papua Province

House in Mee Pago, Papua Province Photo: Eben Kirksey, Creative Commons 2.0