4 Sep 2018

Travel theme underpins major new Pacific exhibition

From , 5:03 am on 4 September 2018

The dynamic relationships between the people of the Pacific underpin a major new art exhibition opening in London this month.

'Oceania' will be the largest collection of Pacific art ever shown in Europe.

It brings together more than 200 works from over 30 lenders around the UK and Europe, and some in New Zealand.

The ambitious project marks this year's 250th anniversary of London's Royal Academy of Arts and 250 years since the explorer James Cook set sail for the Pacific.

One of the show's curators Peter Brunt says the dynamism of travel is a consistent theme.

He told Dominic Godfrey each artwork has its own travel story.

Curator, Peter Brunt

Curator, Peter Brunt Photo: Victoria University