10 Aug 2018

Interpreters not provided for sick Manus Island refugees

From , 3:02 pm on 10 August 2018

A Kurdish refugee in Papua New Guinea says refugees receiving medical treatment there are no longer provided with interpreters.

Despite promises that interpreters would be available, the English speaking Kurd says he's volunteering to help patients and doctors communicate.

Ben Robinson Drawbridge has more.

With last year's eviction from the detention centre on Manus Island, interpretation services were withdrawn from about 600 men exiled there by Australia.

Serious inadequacies and systematic failures with the men's healthcare have since been highlighted by the UN, Amnesty International and the Queensland Coroner.

Kurdish asylum seeker Benham Satah has been translating for refugees in Port Moresby's Pacific International Hospital.

He says a promise to provide interpreters by telephone has not been fulfilled.

Benham Satah.

Benham Satah. Photo: ABC: Eric Tlozek