6 Aug 2018

Bougainville MP urging date for key meeting to be set

From , 5:04 am on 6 August 2018

Papua New Guinea and Bougainville have still to announce a date for a critical meeting to prepare for the autonomous region's referendum on independence.

The Joint Supervisory Board, or JSB, involving the leaders of both governments, was due to meet at the end of last month, but the chief secretaries of PNG and Bougainville are still to finalise some of the issues.

Bougainville has already said it is ready - there has been no word from Port Moresby.

The deputy leader of the opposition in the national parliament, and MP for South Bougainville, Tim Masiu, is urging the meeting to be convened.

He spoke with Don Wiseman who asked what he wants to see come from the meeting when it eventually goes ahead.