30 Jul 2018

Vanuatu govt sees Maewo as best relocation option for Ambaens

From , 3:05 pm on 30 July 2018

Vanuatu's Internal Affairs minister has rejected criticism about relocating evacuees from Ambae island to neighbouring Maewo.

Amid the intensifying eruption of Ambae's Manaro volcano, the government is reimposing a state of emergency on the island, whose population it intends to evacuate to Maewo.

A local MP, Jacob Mata, says Maewo lacks the services to cater for so many evacuees, and that the larger island of Santo would be better.

But the minister, Andrew Napuat, told Johnny Blades Maewo is the best option.

Volcanic ashfall in Ambae forest.

Volcanic ashfall in Ambae forest. Photo: Vanuatu EMT MoH