25 Jul 2018

Angry Norfolk Islanders protest as minister visits

From , 3:03 pm on 25 July 2018

The Australian Minister of Territories, John McVeigh, has been greeted by a colourful protest on a two day visit to Norfolk Island.

The 'Shirts4Hurt' protest has dozens of shirts hanging from lines to symbolise people 'losing their shirts' as Canberra's grip on the island tightens.

It is two years since Australia assumed control of Norfolk after 37 years of autonomy, but there have been frequent and ongoing protests.

It has not, so far, been possible to speak with the minister but Don Wiseman did reach the head of the Accommodation and Tourism Association, Rael Dondo, who is angry that Mr McVeigh is not meeting with the main organisations on the island.

Norfolk Island shirt protest

Norfolk Island shirt protest Photo: supplied