17 Jul 2018

Soft adventure tourism increasingly available in Bougainville

From , 3:04 pm on 17 July 2018

Bougainville is looking at ways to diversify its economy as it prepares for its referendum on independence.

Mining has been the backbone of the autonomous Papua New Guinea region but the Panguna mine was at the centre of its civil war and a renewal of activity there in the immediate future, at least, seems very unlikely.

Farming and fishing are other strong options which are being explored along with tourism.

The Speaker of the Bougainville parliament, Simon Pentanu, was in Wellington last week and spoke with RNZ Pacific.

As well as his role at parliament Mr Pentanu has interests in a resort island called PokPok which is off the central Bougainville coast near Kieta.

He told Don Wiseman about how the tourism sector, in general, is developing.

Adventure walk in Bougainville

Adventure walk in Bougainville Photo: Bougainville Travel