19 Jun 2018

Pacific scoundrels depicted in new history

From , 5:03 am on 19 June 2018

One of the most prolific writers in New Zealand has produced an account of crafty schemers in the early days of European settlement in the region.

Former academic John Dunmore has written extensively on the Pacific and his latest book, on sale this week - 'Scoundrels & Eccentrics of the Pacific' chronicles the lives of some of the people who sought to benefit from the discoveries of the early explorers. 

Don Wiseman spoke with 94-year-old Dr Dunmore about several of the characters he has drawn portraits of.

He began by asking about Charles de Ray, a French aristocrat who aimed to establish a settlement he called New France in the islands off the Papua New Guinea mainland.

The cover of the new book by John Dunmore.

The cover of the new book by John Dunmore. Photo: Upstart Press