28 May 2018

Vanuatu's Ambae alert for infectious disease outbreak

From , 5:02 am on 28 May 2018

Vanuatu's national co-ordinator for emergency medical teams says the threat of an infectious disease outbreak is an acute concern on volcanically active Ambae Island.

Ambae's Manoro volcano has been erupting since late last year and many islanders have been displaced internally due to ashfall and acid rain.

Basil Leodoro, who is also the country's general surgeon, says this is causing psychological stress on people who've had to leave their homes and food gardens as a result of the eruptions.

Dr Leodoro spoke with Dominic Godfrey about how the emergency medical teams have been working with the Ambae community.

The Ambae volcano

The Ambae volcano Photo: Supplied/ Brad Scott