22 May 2018

Thousands turn out for careers market in Solomon Islands

From , 5:03 am on 22 May 2018

Thousands of students in Solomon Islands took time out to think about their futures earlier this month at a careers market day in the capital Honiara.

The event was organised by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Woodford International School and the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre.

According to the World Bank the country's unemployment rate last year was 32 percent and more than 70 percent of the population is under the age of 30.

This year education received the lion's share of the government's development funding but the chief executive of the chamber, Dennis Meone, told Koroi Hawkins the competition for scholarships and jobs is high.

The Honiara City Library.

The Honiara City Library. Photo: Supplied/New Zealand Defence Force