7 May 2018

Mixed feelings on Ambae as govt considers permanent evacuation

From , 5:02 am on 7 May 2018

There are mixed feelings on Ambae as the island's volcano continues to erupt and the Vanuatu government considers a permanent evacuation of the island.

Heavy ash fall from the volcano last month covered parts of the island, collapsing buildings, contaminating water supplies and killing off food crops.

Thousands of people have been relocated to safer parts on the island but the Vanuatu Council of Ministers is considering permanently evacuating Ambae.

New Zealand volcanologist, Brad Scott has been supporting the Vanuatu Geohazards Department in monitoring the latest eruption event.

Mr Scott was has just been on Ambae and he told Koroi Hawkins about the state of the volcano and how people are faring.

The Ambae volcano

The Ambae volcano Photo: Supplied/ Brad Scott