2 May 2018

Expert says Butiraoi didn't comply with own safety plan

From , 4:04 am on 2 May 2018

An expert in maritime safety says the Kiribati ferry which sank with all aboard in January didn't comply with its own safety plan.

The Pacific Community's ship safety audit adviser Omirete Tabureka says the Butiraoi had been using a safety management system introduced with the Pacific Islands Domestic Ship Safety Programme in 2010.

The system uses safety plans, known as SOPs, which provide a set of safety requirements for a vessel's operation, including things like the minimum number of life-vests and life-boats, VHF radio and electronic locator beacons.

Mr Tabureka spoke with Dominic Godfrey about how the Pacific Community is helping work towards safer shipping in the region.

Some of the seven survivors shortly after being rescued.

Some of the seven survivors shortly after being rescued Photo: Facebook/ @RadioKiribati

Kiribati maritime authorities have completed their report into the Butiraoi disaster which left more than 80 people dead.

Three other investigations are still ongoing.

All reports are expected before parliament upon completion.